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Bankruptcy Trustees in Denver

Representing Bankruptcy Trustees in Bankruptcy Cases

Skeen & Skeen, P.C. has built its reputation on effectively representing bankruptcy trustees in Denver on Chapter 7 cases. Whether it be a simple matter of avoiding an untimely perfected lien on an automobile, or a complex converted chapter 11 case with many assets to administer, Skeen & Skeen is prepared to assist chapter 7 panel trustees in achieving positive and efficient results.


Our creditor attorneys in Denver are experienced litigators, and we pride ourselves on our ability to find creative ways to bring assets into estates. Many debtors engage in extensive pre-bankruptcy planning, often finding ways to move significant assets out of the estate, or to aggressively apply the exemption laws to protect valuable property. When dealing with one of these debtors, you need an attorney who can think outside of the box to find ways to recover assets. If you have a case that you are hesitant to close but not sure how to pursue, Skeen & Skeen is here to help.


As a bankruptcy lawyer in Denver, you know that bankruptcy law is a constantly evolving field, with new cases constantly offering new strategies to recover assets. Our attorneys are members of both the American Bankruptcy Institute and Colorado Bar Association Bankruptcy subsection, and have delivered presentations to both groups on recent case law development. We consistently review new case law, with an eye towards how this case law might affect our Trustee clients. If you develop a professional relationship with Skeen & Skeen, you can be assured that we are offering answers and solutions that reflect the most recent law handed down by the courts.  


Skeen & Skeen understands that panel trustees face pressure to administer cases as efficiently as possible. Because of our years of experience, we can offer streamlined representation strategies, to ensure that you are distributing assets and closing your cases as quickly as possible. We do not want our clients to worry about cases dragging on and drawing negative attention when their annual review occurs. We can assure you that we will remain focused on your case, and press for resolution as quickly as possible. 


Skeen & Skeen also understands that you have a fiduciary duty to distribute as much money as possible to the creditors of the estate. We offer competitive hourly rates, and seriously consider the benefit that we provide to an estate before filing a fee application.